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Are you looking for real estate, a house, a villa, a villa or apartment in Spain? In www.plan, the platform that connects customers with architects and interior designers Spanish, recommends the following websites:,,,,,

Surely there find your perfect holiday location in Spain or your place to jubilaros. Anyway sure that necesitararéis contact an architect or an interior Spanish. Why?

If you have to do work or redecorating is best to hire a licensed professional (architects, interior designers) rather than a construction company because they can handle not only works but also of all paperwork (licenses, permits, etc.. .) needed to carry out in Spain.

In Spain for work permits need to ask the council (sometimes the process is very simple other a bit more complex). Contrantando an architect or decorator can it and forget and let a professional with a university degree while you manage your work in your country. Spanish is a platform that allows you to plan your works online in Spain:

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